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Roster Changes

 [ Casey Stengal, the Mystic ]

 [ ] You don't need a special crystal ball to keep on track with all the comings and goings on all the rosters of all the OOSL teams! Just use this page as your Roster Watch Headquarters. Here is your source for Roster Changes of all sorts. All Roster Changes, both OOSL and AA, are documented and accessible from the links below.

 [ ] The 1999 Roster Changes will start to be documented as soon as the Trading Season Opens. Keep watch here for all the up-to-the-minute trading news!

 [ ] The 1998 section begins with the special 1998 Compensation Act -- which deals with the changes in OOSL Minimum Requirements and the changes in the Negro Leaguers -- and follow up with 1998 Trades, the 1998 Annual Draft, and continue with the 1998 End of Season Roster Drops and the Disbandment Player Pool. These links will stay for reference for as long as we need them (or until we run out of space!)

1999 Trade Listing

1998 Compensation Act 1998 Trade Listing 1998 Annual Draft 1998 Disbandment and Player Pool

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