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Commissioner's Letter

 [ ] The following narrative (in blue type) was originally from the OOSL Commissioner, Dirk Knemeyer, to all OOSL Members:

The 1998 Compensation Issue

 [ ] I would like to begin with various personnel news. As you all know, my Negro League set has been expanded to 72 cards in conjunction with StratFan's subsequent publication of the same. Along with expanding the set, various existing player cards were changed. A few guys got worse, some got better. There is compensation both ways which will be spelled out in a moment. In the interests of parity, Mike and I lost more talent than was due according to our respective gains. Our player gains were commensurate with Gibson and the other stars, but as Executive Committee members we took extra size hits to set the standard for the rest of the league.

 [ ] Another issue which has led to compensation was the Executive Committee decision to raise the minimum IP limit to qualify in the league from 50 to 62. This was done for two reasons: first, it was difficult to monitor the usage on the many CPU hurlers in the lower level. Second, there has always been an incongruity between batters and pitchers: a batter must have played Major League ball for 10 seasons to qualify for our league; a starting pitcher had to hurl as few as 4 seasons to qualify. The limit of 62 changes this balance to a much more comfortable 11 seasons for relief pitchers, 6 seasons for starting pitchers. Still a little low for starters, but anything more would have swung the balance of the league completely out of whack, in terms of impact pitchers vanishing with no available replacement. Only a handful of impact pitchers were lost, and the teams in question have been duly compensated. Please note that active pitchers can stay in the league for the time being, as they will likely qualify in the next year or two. Here are both of the compensation issues, sorted by team.

BAA - Lost THall, BLocker, GMcConnell (Innings).
      Received BBurns, HCamnitz, Turner.

BOA - Lost DWard (Innings), FHoward (Cool Papa Bell).
      Received CMelton.

CHA - Lost PLloyd (Buck Leonard).
      Received RPeckinpaugh.

CLA - Lost TFerrick (Innings), GGore (Josh Gibson).
      Received JFlores.

DEA - Lost MHenneman (Innings).
      Received RHenderson (New Negro Leaguer).

MIA - Lost RHernandez, MRusso (Innings).
      Received VGregg, MHaefner.

SLA - Lost JBeggs (Innings).
      Received WWyatt.

BON - Lost AHolland, EWatt (Innings).
      Received DBrown (New Negro Leaguer), THughes.

CIN - Lost RRussell (Innings).
      Received SJones (New Negro Leaguer).

HON - Lost NCullop (Innings).
      Received RTomlin.

KCN - Lost EWhite (Innings).
      Received WClark.

MON - Lost TWilks (Innings).
      Received JSain.

NYN - Lost TSpeaker (OCharleston), EDelahanty (BMackey), MDonlin and HStovey (both Babe Ruth).
      Received CAnson, PRose, RYoungs, JAntonelli.

PHN - Lost FClausen (Innings).
      Received WAlvarez.

 [ ] The following teams gained players, either from losing in the New Negro League switch or as part of dispersing the significant talent lost by Mike and myself. In some cases these teams surrendered draft picks in exchange.

BRN - Gain WMcDonald, SBankhead (New Negro Leaguers).
      WFoster, RFoster, MDihigo, RDandridge were all adversely affected to a marked extent.

HMA - Gain EDelahanty, MDonlin.
      Lose RYoungs, PRose, first draft pick (Spot Poles got significantly worse).

MIA - Gain PLloyd.
      Lose RPeckinpaugh, first draft pick. (dispersal)

MIN - Gain TSpeaker.
      Lose CAnson, first draft pick. (dispersal)

PIN - Gain HStovey.
      Lose JAntonelli. (parity)

 [ ] In a side note, the League voted (2/98) to uphold the reduction to the Babe Ruth card from the Strat-rated 61 HR/600 AB to the OOSL-rated 51 HR/600 AB.

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