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"Baseball was mighty and exciting to me, but there is no blinking at the fact that at the time the game was thought, by solid sensible people, to be only one degree above grand larceny, arson, and mayhem."

-Connie Mack on base ball in the 1880's-

1998 Trade Listing

 [ ] The 1998 Trading Season commenced on February 1, 1998. It opened spectacularly with the first eight trades listed below, and continued until the All-Star Series at the 100 Game Mark. Normally, there is no trading allowed until after the World's Series, when there is a short two-week trading Session before the Winter No-Trade Season. However, this year, with The Disbandment and creation of the American Association, there is a slightly different format, as outlined below from original Commissioner's Letters:

  1. The deadline for Minor/Major callups and send downs is 11:59 PM, August 15.
  2. The Executive Committee has decided to open up a one day trading window for remaining OOSL teams before the period of trading with the open player pool begins. This wil occur on Sunday August 16.
  3. The period of open trading with the player pool remains TBA in terms of specific date. Right now the plan is for it to last two weeks in duration.
  4. Only Owners who have paid their dues by August 15 you will be able to participate in callups/send downs, the one day trade window, or the open trading with the player pool!
  5. There will be no 1999 Annual Draft.

The 1998 Trades

The 1998 Regular Trading Season

Announced 02/01/98

To CLA - Mark McGwire, Joe Dobson
To MON - Bobby Bonilla, Kid Nichols

To PHA - Smokey Joe Wood, Pedro Borbon
To NYN - Carl Mays, Miller Huggins

To NYA - John McGraw, Cap Anson, Carl Mays, Miller Huggins
To NYN - Tony Lazzeri, Mule Suttles, Lefty Gomez, Pie Traynor

To CHA - George Sisler, Mike Grady
To NYA - Rafael Palmeiro, Eddie Rommell

To BOA - Jackie Robinson, Lefty Gomez
To NYN - Mel Ott, Eddie Lopat

To CHA - Stu Miller
To SLN - Max Carey

To SLN - Bill Mazeroski, Ken Keltner
To PHA - Johnny Vander Meer, Jesse Barfield

To BAA - Cesar Cedeno, Johnny Vander Meer, Lee May, Pedro Borbon
To PHA - Garry Maddox, Dave Righetti, Steve Garvey, Jim Gilliam

Announced 02/04/98

To PHN - Dan Quisenberry
To NYN - Al Hrabosky

To MIN - Eddie Lopat
To NYN - Firpo Marberry

To SLN - Mel Ott, Tony Lazzeri, Pie Traynor
To NYN - Rogers Hornsby, Bill Doak, Clete Boyer

To SLN - Ryne Sandberg, Eddie Yost
To BON - Tony Lazzeri, Pie Traynor

Announced 02/09/98

To SLN - Andy Seminick, Willie Horton
To SLA - Joe Ferguson, Ken Henderson

Announced 02/12/98

To CHA - Ty Cobb, Carl Furillo, Bobby Thomson
To NYN - Barry Bonds (overused), Pete Browning, Bob Nieman

Announced 02/14/98

To NYA - Babe Ruth, Mule Suttles, Bob Nieman, Bill Doak
To NYN - Ted Williams, Willie Mays, Cap Anson, Orel Hershiser

To SLN - Willie Mays, Cap Anson
To NYN - Mel Ott, KiKi Cuyler

Announced 02/15/98

To BAA - Pete Browning, Ross Youngs
To NYN - Reggie Smith, Lee May

To SLA - Ted Kluszewski
To NYN - Reggie Jackson

Announced 02/22/98

To BAA - Ron Guidry, Ralph Kiner, Whit Wyatt
To SLA - Gaylord Perry, Pete Browning, Greg Minton

To CHA - Rube Bressler
To BON - Kip Selbach

Announced 02/23/98

To CHA - Rocky Colavito, Ray Kremer
To SLN - Hugh Duffy, Mark Eichhorn

Announced 02/26/98

To BAA - Hugh Duffy
To SLN - Cesar Cedeno

To CHA - Vinegar Bend Mizell
To SLN - Paul Derringer

Announced 03/01/98

To CHA - Johnny Pesky, Bobby Shantz, Del Crandall
To BOA - Yogi Berra, Carl Furillo, Tony Fernandez

Announced 03/06/98

To CHA - Paul Waner, Rube Foster, Ray Dandridge, Lee Smith, Steve Kline
To BRN - Pete Alexander, Enos Slaughter, Rocky Colavito, Ray Kremer, Stu Miller

Announced 03/08/98

To CHA - Bob Shawkey
To PHA - Lee Smith

To BON - Dennis Leonard, Vada Pinson, Mickey Vernon, #2 and #24 overall picks
To TOA - Andy Messersmith, King Kelly, Tony Lazzeri, #15 and #30 overall picks

To MIA - Jack Glasscock, Sam Crawford, Gary Nolan, #3 overall pick
To PIN - Pop Lloyd, Rick Monday, Randy Jones, #95 overall pick

To MIA - Eddie Cicotte, Ed Reulbach, #113 overall pick
To WAA - Al Downing, Alex Fernandez, #3 overall pick

Announced 03/12/98

To BRN - Don Buford, Herman Long
To CHA - Judy Johnson, Bob Meusel

To BRN - Ken Caminiti, Jack Clark, Fred Dunlap, Garry Matthews, Johnny Sain
To MON - Don Buford, Boileryard Clarke, Bob Johnson, Buddy Myer, Enos Slaughter

Announced 03/18/98

To CHA - Eddie Cicotte
To MIA - Rube Foster

Announced 03/24/98

To CHA - Cesar Cedeno, Eddie Yost
To SLN - Bob Meusel, Charles Nagy

To CHA - Buddy Bell, Barney McCosky, Jimmy Sheckard
To HON - Norm Siebern, Elmer Smith, Eddie Yost

Announced 03/25/98

To CHA - Kiki Cuyler, Pepper Martin
To NYN - Earle Combs, Jim O'Rourke

Announced 03/27/98

To CHA - Wally Schang
To PHA - Jim Sundberg

To CHA - Rick Ferrell, Jim Lonborg
To NYA - Roger Peckinpaugh, Wally Schang

Announced 03/28/98

To WAA - Pop Lloyd, Mike McCormick, Monte Pearson, #95 pick
To PIN - Jesse Barnes, Alex Fernandez, Dick Lundy, #3 pick

To NYA - Tommy Holmes, Eddie Stanky
To TOA - Home Run Baker, Craig Swan

To BON - #5 pick, #76 pick
To HON - #6 pick, #24 pick

To CHN - #6 pick, #28 pick
To HON - #7 pick, #18 pick

To CHA - Leon Day, Hank Leiber, Preacher Roe
To PHN - Eddie Cicotte, Bobby Shantz, Paul Waner

To TOA - #7 pick, #24 pick
To HON - #9 pick, #15 pick

To HON - #10 pick, #25 pick
To PIN - #9 pick, #52 pick

Announced 04/02/98

To CHA - Catfish Metkovich, Harold Reynolds, #22 overall pick
To CLA - Pepper Martin, Bob Shawkey, #65 overall pick

Announced 04/04/98

To MIA - Paul Mirabella, #21 overall pick
To PHA - Rudy May, #27 overall pick

To SLN - Tommy Byrne, #27 overall pick
To PHA - Silver King, #68 overall pick

To CHA - Jackie Brandt, Rube Foster, Vean Gregg, Stan Lopata, Jim McCormick, #113 pick
To MIA - Mike Grady, Steve Kline, Jocko Milligan, Harold Reynolds, Preacher Roe, #22 pick

Announced 04/06/98

To CHA - Garry Maddox, #37 pick
To PHA - Cesar Cedeno, #45 pick

To CHA - Danny Darwin, Andy Pafko, Ben Taylor, #99 pick
To SLA - Vean Gregg, Garry Maddox, George Sisler, #37 pick

Announced 04/07/98

To CHA -  Chris Short, #44 pick
To SLN -  Jay Bell, #89 pick

Announced 04/14/98

To CHA - Dusty Baker, Earl Smith
To MON - Del Crandall, Hank Lieber

To NYN - Jack Morris
To SLN - Toad Ramsey

To CHA - Moe Berg
To MIN - Terry Steinbach

Announced 04/15/98

To CHN - Pat Hentgen, #120 pick
To NYN - Manny Trillo, #55 pick

Announced 04/17/98

To CHA - Jimmy Piersall
To NYN - Dusty Baker

To CHA - Wes Ferrell
To WAA - Chris Short

Announced 04/17/98

To CHN - Juan Guzman
To NYN - Mitch Williams

Announced 04/19/98

To BAA - Catfish Metkovich, Vinegar Bend Mizell, Johnny Pesky, Earl Smith
To CHA - Dan Foutz, Bill Freehan, Cal Ripken, Ross Youngs

Announced 04/24/98

To NYN - Harry Hooper
To PIN - Johnny Mostil

Announced 04/26/98

To CHA - Merv Rettenmund, Ken Singleton
To DEA - Buddy Bell, Jimmy Sheckard

To CHA - Mike Marshall
To CLA - Jose Oquendo

To BOA - Earle Combs
To NYN - Carl Furillo

Announced 04/25/98

To DEA - Eddie Cicotte, Joe Gordon, Max Lanier
To PHN - Donie Bush, Nolan Ryan, Will White

Announced 05/04/98

To BRN - Topsy Hartsel, Paul Hines
To NYN - Herman Long, Roy Thomas

To PHN - Eppa Rixey
To TOA - Bert Blyleven

Announced 05/07/98

To PHA - Dave Concepcion
To SLN - Dave Righetti

To CHA - Rick Aguilera, Carlton Fisk, Steve Kline
To MIA - Dan Foutz, Dave Koslo, Mike Marshall

Announced 05/08/98

To WAA - Ned Garvin, Gary Lavelle, Quincy Trouppe
To SLN - Bob Friend, Chris Short, Ted Simmons

Announced 05/10/98

To BAA - Max Carey, Paul Derringer
To SLN - Lou Brock, Britt Burns
To BOA - Paul Mirabella, Cal Ripken
To CHA - Billy Jurges, George Mogridge

To BOA - Jackie Brandt, Nap Lajoie, Jim McCormick, Bob Welch
To CHA - Lou Boudreau, Bobby Doerr, Fred Hutchinson, Wally Moon

Announced 05/14/98

To CHA - Grant Johnson
To BON - Lou Boudreau

Announced 05/16/98

To BRN - Barry Bonds, Bud Daley
To NYN - Rocky Colavito, Martin Dihigo

Announced 05/23/98

To CHA - Willie Foster, Ray Kremer, Guy Morton, Willie Wells
To BRN - Rocky Colavito, Martin Dihigo, Grant Johnson, Firpo Marberry, George Mogridge
To CHN - Jack Clark, Pete Rose
To NYN - Rube Foster, Paul Hines, Buck Leonard, Luke Sewell

To CHA - Dave Dravecky, Bill Monroe, Tom Seaver
To BON - Bobby Doerr, Steve Howe, Smokey Joe Williams

Announced 05/25/98

To CHA - Augie Galan, Clint Thomas
To MIA - Joe Kelley, Barney McCoskey

Announced 05/31/98

To CHA - Monte Irvin, Dennis Martinez, Thurman Munson
To TOA - Carlton Fisk, John Tudor, Ross Youngs
To CHA - Joe Benz, Dutch Leonard (Emil John), Greg Maddux
To CIN - Ray Kremer, Guy Morton, Satchel Paige
To BOA - George Kelly, Joe Rogan
To BRN - Paul O'Neill, Jackie Robinson

Announced 06/05/98

To CHA - Jesse Burkett, Roy Cullenbine, Bobby Wallace
To KCN - Fats Jenkins, Clint Thomas, Willie Wells

To CHA - Lou Boudreau, Bobby Doerr, Jim Palmer, Roy Sievers
To BON - Rube Bressler, Bill Monroe, Tom Seaver, Bobby Wallace

Announced 06/06/98

To DEA - Luke Sewell, Ted Williams
To NYN - Turkey Stearnes, Nip Winters
To DEA - Johnny Bench, Steve Gromek, Frank Howard, Don Mossi, Bruce Sutter, Virgil Trucks
To SLA - Walter Ball, Walker Cooper, Dwight Gooden, Rats Henderson, Hank Greenberg, Luke Sewell

To CHA - Eddie Cicotte, Don Drysdale, Bruce Sutter
To DEA - Rick Aguilera, Dutch Leonard (Hubert Benjamin), Jim Palmer
To CHA - Elmer Flick, Van Lingle Mungo, Earl Torgeson
To BON - Jesse Burkett, Roy Sievers, Bruce Sutter

Announced 06/15/98

To CHA - Jeff Reardon
To NYA - Joe Benz

Announced 06/24/98

To CHA - Cap Anson, Britt Burns, Buck Herzog
To SLN - Ray Dandridge, Augie Galan, Jesse Petty
To BOA - Ewell Blackwell, Eddie Cicotte, Bobby Doerr, Buck Herzog, Mike Schmidt
To CHA - Nap Lajoie, Johnny Niggeling, Brooks Robinson, Joe Rogan, Al Rosen

To CHA - Chet Brewer
To MIA - Johnny Niggeling

Announced 06/26/98

To BAA - Fats Jenkins, Doug Jones
To KCN - Hugh Duffy, Dave Smith

1998 Post World's Series Trading Season

Note: The franchises of Minnesota, Saint Louis (AL), Toronto, Washington, Houston, Milwaukee, Montreal, and Pittsburgh were disbanded following the end of the 1998 season. The Philadelphia National League franchise was moved to the city of Pittsburgh.

Announced 08/15/98

To CHA - Bobby Shantz, Paul Waner
To PIT - Kiki Cuyler, Jeff Reardon
To CHA - Jim Brewer, Fred Jacklitsch, Johnny Mize
To PIT - Ty Cobb, Bill Freehan, Steve Kline
To CHA - Earl Battey
To PHA - Thurman Munson
To CHA - Nolan Ryan, Cy Williams
To PIT - Don Drysdale, Brooks Robinson

To PIT - Dave Parker
To SLN - Rap Dixon

To BAA - Monte Irvin, Nolan Ryan
To CHA - Jim Rice, Cy Young

To NYA - Orel Hershiser, Buck Leonard, Art Nehf, Mel Ott, Turkey Stearnes, Ned Winters
To NYN - Larry Doby, Joel Horlen, John McGraw, Roger Peckinpaugh, Babe Ruth, Carl Weilman
To BRN - Reggie Smith
To NYN - Martin Dihigo

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