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The 1998 Disbandment and Player Pool

 [ ] It is official. Here are the eight teams who will be leaving the OOSL:

AL - Minnesota Twins, St. Louis Browns, Toronto Blue Jays, Washington Senators
NL - Houston Colt .45's, Milwaukee Braves, Montreal Expos, Pittsburgh Pirates

 [ ] Additionally, the Boston Bees will now take the name of the Boston Braves. The Bees name was a derivation of the Braves. The franchise remains the same but the traditional name will now be employed.

 [ ] The Philadelphia Phillies will move to Pittsburgh and become the Pirates. For the purposes of the historical record, the original Pittsburgh Pirates franchise and all team records and statistics are retired. The new Pirates bring the team history and statistics of the Philadelphia Phillies. >From this point forward, however, they are the real and complete OOSL Pittsburgh Pirates.

 [ ] Now, here is some crucial information about roster management and trading with the player pool:

 [ ] First, roster management. Teams need to be mindful of the new rules on roster structure associated with our new look OOSL. Here is a verbatim copy from the American Association Proposal:

 [ ] Given these long-term injuries and the new structure of the OOSL, all teams will be required to have, by the completion of the OOSL draft, no fewer than 17 position players or 11 pitchers on their roster, at least 1800 total innings, and at least 1000 dedicated at-bats for each position around the diamond. Each team must have no less than three players who are eligible to play each position around the diamond. These basic restrictions will ensure that teams will always be able to field a "complete" team, even with long-term injuries.

 [ ] For our purposes, the upcoming period of trading with the pool of removed players is the draft. We will not have an actual draft prior to the 1999 season. Thus, be very careful that you craft your team in such a way as to conform to the letter of this guideline. It is important for the stability of your team in the new look OOSL, not even exploring the fact that the rules require it.

 [ ] To answer the question before it is asked, the phrase dedicated at bats means that, no matter how many positions one particular player is rated for, each of his at bats can only count at one position. For example, on my team, I could assign 200 of Oscar Charleston's at bats to first base and 400 to center field. That is 600 dedicated at bats, no at bat being used for two positions. As a minimum, each team would need 8000 total at bats, and likely more to stretch them between the positions properly. Going into the trading period, this is perhaps the most important point for me to stress: make sure you have covered - easily - the PA and IP limits. Also - having three players rated at each position - note that few of us have a third catcher. Pick one up from the trading pool, the perfect opportunity. If you just want a warm body you can get one for your worst player.

Disbandment Player Reassignments Player Pool Trades

Note that ALL 1998 Player Trades are documented on the 1998 Trade Page.

1998 Player Reassignments

 [ ] First of all, we have player reassignments. This is a two-fold process. Due to The Disbandment, the affiliated Minor League clubs will also be disbanded. Some of these clubs will be transferred intact (except for name) to the new American Association to begin life anew as an AA franchise. The rest will have their players dispersed into The Player Pool. But first, before either happens, each Major League Franchise must set their 30-player roster from the entire 50 players in their organization (30 Major League and 20 Minor League). This may mean a series of callups from the Minors and send-downs from the Majors. All Major League Rosters must be set by 11:59 PM August 15, 1998. At present, here are the number of players affiliated with each surviving OOSL franchise

American League               National League

Baltimore......30             Boston.......30
Boston.........30             Brooklyn.....30
Chicago........30             Chicago......30
Cleveland......30             Cincinnati...30
Detroit........30             Kansas City..30
Homestead......30             New York.....30
New York.......30             Pittsburgh...30
Philadelphia...30             Saint Louis..30

The Player Reassignments

The OOSL American League:

 Baltimore Orioles.......UP....Jim Rice
                         DOWN..Ben Chapman

 Boston Red Sox..........UP....Eddie Murray, David Wells
                         DOWN..George Kelly, Donovan Osborne

 Chicago White Sox.......UP....Judy Johnson, Steve Kline, Jimmy Piersall, Del Pratt
                         DOWN..Dennis Martinez, Van Lingle Mungo, Merv Rettemund, Earl Torgeson

 Cleveland Indians.......UP....Bob Shawkey
                         DOWN..Greg Hibbard

 Detroit Tigers..........UP....Claude Osteen, Mickey Tettleton
                         DOWN..Danny Litwhiler, Jimmy Sheckard

 Homestead Grays.........UP....Jack Doyle
                         DOWN..George Burns

 New York Yankees........UP....Rafael Palmeiro
                         DOWN..Gus Suhr

 Philadelphia Athletics..UP....None

The OOSL National League:

 Boston Braves...........UP....Tom Daly, Old Hoss Radbourn, Willie Wilson
                         DOWN..Rube Bressler, Dick McAuliffe, Pete Schourek

 Brooklyn Dodgers........UP....Lu Blue
                         DOWN..Bud Daley

 Chicago Cubs............UP....Wille Randolph, Gary Sheffield
                         DOWN..Sid Gordon, Herb Score

 Cincinnati Red Legs.....UP....Hank Aguirre, Johnny Allen, Larry Anderson, Ray Fosse, Julio Franco
                         DOWN..Billy Goodman, Ray Kremer, Irish Meusel, Guy Morton, Chick Stahl

 Kansas City Monarchs....UP....Duke Farrell, Travis Jackson
                         DOWN..Brian Anderson, Jeff Blauser

 New York Giants.........UP....Carl Furillo
                         DOWN..Paul Hines

 Pittsburgh Pirates......UP....Frank Tanana
                         DOWN..Wilson Alvarez

 Saint Louis Cardinals...UP....Red Barrett, Curt Flood, Greg Gross, Manny Sanguillen, 
                         DOWN..Joe Adcock, Graig Nettles, Rusty Staub, Bob Veale

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1998 Player Pool Trades

 [ ] Documented here are all the trades specific to the 1998 Disbandment Player Pool. Trades from the Open Trade Day prior to the Player Pool trades, and those of the Open Trade Day after the Player Pool trades are also documented here. All of the trades listed here are also documented on the 1998 Trade Page for a complete reference of all trades during the 1998 OOSL season.

Trades Announced 08/15/98

To CHA - Bobby Shantz, Paul Waner
To PIT - Kiki Cuyler, Jeff Reardon
To CHA - Jim Brewer, Fred Jacklitsch, Johnny Mize
To PIT - Ty Cobb, Bill Freehan, Steve Kline
To CHA - Earl Battey
To PHA - Thurman Munson
To CHA - Nolan Ryan, Cy Williams
To PIT - Don Drysdale, Brooks Robinson

To PIT - Dave Parker
To SLN - Rap Dixon

To BAA - Monte Irvin, Nolan Ryan
To CHA - Jim Rice, Cy Young

To NYA - Orel Hershiser, Buck Leonard, Art Nehf, Mel Ott, Turkey Stearnes, Ned Winters
To NYN - Larry Doby, Joel Horlen, John McGraw, Roger Peckinpaugh, Babe Ruth, Carl Weilman
To BRN - Reggie Smith
To NYN - Martin Dihigo

Opening Trade Offers to the Player Pool/AA 8/18/98

To AA  - Jay Bell, Curt Flood, Augie Galan, Hughie Jennings, Bob Meusel, JR Richard,
         Andy Seminick
To SLN - Dave Bancroft, Rod Carew, Cliff Carroll, Dick Lundy, Bob Robertson, Charlie Silvera,
         Ted Trent

To AA  - Dean Chance, Jack Clark, Bill Dickey, Tony Mullane, Steve Rogers, George Scales,
         Hack Wilson
To CHN - Tony Lazzeri, Sherm Lollar, Denny Lyons, Gil McDougald, Gaylord Perry, Don Sutton,
         Early Wynn

To AA  - Rick Ferrell, Billy Jurges, Ben Taylor
To CHA - Luis Aparicio, George Sisler, Quincy Trouppe

To AA  - Yogi Berra, Eddie Cicotte, Bobby Doerr, Dutch Leonard (The Good), Dick Rudolph,
         Ken Williams
To BOA - Pete Browning, Roger Clemens, Bill Dickey, Johnny Evers, Jack Morris, Curt Schilling

To AA  - Barry Bonds, Topsy Hartsel, Webster McDonald, Stu Miller, George Mogridge, Paul O'Neill,
         Orator Shaffer, Sammy Strang
To BRN - Max Bishop, Kevin Brown, John Clarkson, Hank Greenberg, Frank LaPorte, Phil Niekro,
         Preacher Roe, Jack Rowe

To AA  - Spud Chandler, Mike Donlin, Sid Fernandez, Jack Fournier, Bret Saberhagen, Arky Vaughan
To HMA - Home Run Baker, Bert Blyleven, Harry Heilmann, Jerry Koosman, Pop Lloyd, Urban Shocker

To AA  - Jim Bunning, Cupid Childs, Roger Connor, Duke Farrell, Travis Jackson, Charlie Keller,
         Red Lucas, Juan Marichal, Dave Smith, Clint Thomas, Frank Wickware
To KCN - Babe Adams, Buck Ewing, Tommy John, Willie Keeler, Chuck Klein, Ted Lyons,
         Rabbit Maranville, Don McMahon, Jose Mendez, Tony Perez, Red Schoendienst
To AA  - Larry Doby, Joe Horlen, Roger Peckinpaugh, Carl Weilman
To NYN - Bob Meusel, Herb Pennock, Bill Terry, Bucky Walters

To AA  - Bus Clarkson, Joe Gordon, Steve Gromek, Frank Howard, George Kell, Max Lanier,
         Barry Larkin, Dutch Leonard (The Bad), Jeff Montgomery, Frank Robinson,
         Virgil Trucks
To DEA - John Beckwith, Chris Bosio, General Crowder, Bill Dahlen, Rick Honeycutt,
         Dave McNally, Hal Newhouser, Roger Peckinpaugh, Harold Reynolds, Tris Speaker,
         Matt Williams

To AA  - Cap Anson, Lou Boudreau, Chet Brewer, Elmer Flick, Willie Foster, Joe Rogan,
         Cy Williams, Cy Young
To CHA - Sam Crawford, John Donaldson, Jack Glasscock, Don Mueller, Kid Nichols,
         Frank Robinson, John Tudor, Hippo Vaughn
To AA  - Gavy Cravath, Orel Hershsier, Don Hoak, Tommy Holmes, Buck Leonard, Art Nehf,
         Bob Nieman, Mule Suttles, Nip Winters
To NYA - Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonds, Orlando Cepeda, Joe Cronin, Dizzy Dean, Darrell Evans,
         Rickey Henderson, Dennis Martinez, Denny McLain
To AA  - Britt Burns, Roy Cullenbine, Fred Jacklitsch, Kid Nichols, Quincy Trouppe
To CHA - Yogi Berra, Jim Kaat, Phil Masi, Milt Pappas, Ross Youngs

Trade Offers to the Player Pool/AA 8/20/98

To AA - Johnny Mize, Del Pratt, Jim Rice, Al Rosen
To CHA - Wade Boggs, Don Buford, Roger Connor, Nellie Fox

Trade Offers to the Player Pool/AA 8/22/98

To AA  - Ron Guidry, Monte Irvin, Bobby Murcer
To BAA - Bill Byrd, Kirby Puckett, Harry Rice
To AA  - Red Barrett
To SLN - Curt Simmons

Trade Offers to the Player Pool/AA 8/23/98

To AA  - Ted Trent
To SLN - Doyle Alexander
To AA  - Ray Blades, Gary Sheffield, Zack Wheat
To CHN - Al Kaline, Johnny Kling, George McQuillan

Announced that an Open Trade Day will be held on 8/29/98

Trade Offers to the Player Pool/AA 8/25/98

To AA  - Dave Bancroft, Rap Dixon, Jeff Heath
To SLN - Granny Hamner, Manny Mota, Ken Williams
To AA  - Henry Aaron, Frank Duncan, Dan Quisenberry, Red Ruffing, Andy Van Slyke
To PIN - Moe Berg, Brett Butler, Catfish Hunter, Johnny Mize, Doug Rau

Trade Offers to the Player Pool/AA 8/26/98

To AA  - Bob Elliott, Charley Jones, Bobby Wallace
To BON - Lou Boudreau, Rube Bressler, Al Oliver
To AA  - Roger Connor, Sam Crawford, Jack Glasscock
To CHA - Fred Clarke, Buck Leonard, Walt Weiss
To AA  - Nolan Ryan, Whit Wyatt
To BAA - David Cone, Mel Harder
To AA  - Ralph Kiner, Tony Oliva, Johnny Pesky
To BAA - Mule Haas, Jimmy Johnston, Pop Lloyd

To AA  - Lefty Williams
To BAA - John Montefusco

Trade Offers to the Player Pool/AA 8/27/98

To AA  - Spud Chandler, Mike Donlin, Sid Fernandez, Jack Fournier,
         Ron Perranoski, Bret Saberhagen, Arky Vaughan, Bill White,
         Carl Yastrzemski

To HMA - Home Run Baker, Roger Connor, George Davis, Willie Foster,
         Harry Heilmann, Rick Reuschel, Urban Shocker, Zack Wheat,
         Cy Young

To AA  - Martin Dihigo, Carl Furillo, Bill Terry
To NYN - Henry Aaron, Ted Kluszewski, Tommy Leach

Trade Offers to the Player Pool/AA 8/28/98

To AA  - Hank Aguirre, Larry Andersen, Julio Franco, Tom Henke
To CIN - Ival Goodman, Billy Jurges, Andy Messersmith, Jerry Reuss

To AA  - Babe Adams, Hugh Duffy, Jimmy Key, Red Schoendienst, Ned Williamson
To KCN - Al Downing, Monte Irvin, George Kell, Bid McPhee, Red Ruffing

To AA  - Steve Howe, Bruce Sutter
To BON - Tom Henke, Teddy Higuera
To AA  - Kiki Cuyler, Larry Jansen, Steve Kline, Kevin Mitchell, Eppa Rixey,
         Frank Tanana
To PIN - Dusty Baker, Bert Blyleven, Dennis Eckersley, Orel Hershiser,
         Jack Powell, Bill Virdon
To AA  - Dave Dravecky
To CHA - Frank Viola
To AA  - Bernie Carbo, Joe Dobson, Joe Harris, Joe Jackson, Ron Santo,
         Bob Shawkey, John Smoltz
To CLA - Cap Anson, Larry Doby, Elmer Flick, Rick Rhoden, Nolan Ryan,
         Rick Sutcliffe, Rick Wise
To AA  - Red Faber, Willie Mays, Sam McDowell
To SLN - Earl Averill, Spud Chandler, Jerry Koosman


Trades Announced 08/29/98

To BOA - Doug Rau, Warren Spahn
To PHN - Ewell Blackwell, Sandy Koufax
To AA  - Leon Day, Frank Robinson, George Sisler, Ross Youngs
To CHA - Babe Adams, Joe Judge, Willie Mays, Elmer Valo
To AA  - Rocky Colavito, Fred Dunlap, Joe Sambito, Reggie Smith
To BRN - Dave Dravecky, Kirk Gibson, Del Pratt, Frank Robinson

To CHA - Henry Aaron
To NYN - Willie Mays

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