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Past Announcements
American Association Proposal Ruling Regarding 2-Card Players
Guidelines for the American Association Closer and Injury Rule Changes
New Trading Period 1999 OOSL and AA Ballpark Assignments
OOSL-AA Pitching Reassignments Catcher Normalization and Revised Pitcher Usage
Rule Process Change

News & Mail List

All OOSL Managers and Associate Managers need to visit this URL and subscribe to the new OOSL mailing list. This is how we will be handling league correspondence from now on:

Owners who have a team in the AA, I have also set up a list for that league to do business through. I took the liberty of doing that without Lon's consent (he's always swamped with work), but assume there will be no problem:

This should make league business easier than ever. If you have any questions, please LMK. Be sure to do this now so we can coordinate OOSL rule change and AA draft notes through this forum.

Webmaster's Note: Most news items will now be distributed solely through the e-mail list. However, some items will still be posted here for reference.

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