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Rule Process Change

The Executive Committee has agreed upon some alterations to the rule change process:

  1. Changes of a degree that call for a league-wide vote can only occur two times per OOSL "year," so as to create some certainty in the rule change process. The first time will be after the end of the OOSL season, before the AA season. The other time would be sometime in February, before the disks come out, but after Lon has been able to warn us as to what changes in the new game might impact the OOSL.
  2. Before the rule change "days" occur there be a two week window where, during the first week, the Executive Committee presents the ideas for rule change that year. Then, league members have a week to submit feedback regarding the change idea in question. These would be unsolicited and it would not be necessary for the Executive Committee to respond directly to them (but we could). Finally, we incorporate any suggested elements that seem reasonable into our proposals and then submit final proposals for an official vote. All members, not only voting members, would be encouraged to send feedback.
  3. All votes by the league members will be part of the public record and posted on the web page, as opposed to simply tallied and generic voting totals reported.

We hope that these tweaks to the rule change process help create some stability in the league from year-to-year.

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