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OOSL-AA Pitching Reassignments

By order or the OOSL Executive Committee, OOSL teams were forced to sacrifice pitchers to the AA draft pool in exchange for replacement pitchers of significantly lower quality.

This reorganization of pitching talent was specifically called for to raise the level of talent in the AA to what can be considered "Major League" for the purposes of OOSL statistical records. Thus, AA players will have their statistics entered into the Encyclopedia and count toward career totals in a manner almost identical with their OOSL counterparts. The differences are that league leading marks and single season records will not be noted and the special codes for awards and post-season/all-star competition will not be counted. However, the career totals of AA players will be updated as if the statistics they accrue were earned in the OOSL.

This talent dispersal also will better prepare the OOSL for the possible contingency of merging the two leagues into one at some date in the future. While this may never even occur we will at least be prepared for such a move and be in a position to implement it in a way that, at that time, should be relatively painless for existing OOSL outfits.

Below is a list of the pitching disbursement, organized by team:

To AA  - Dizzy Dismukes, John Montefusco
To BAA - Bob Buhl, Bobo Newsom

To AA  - Jose Rijo, Jeff Tesreau
To BOA - Aurelio Lopez, Dan Petry

To AA  - Bob Caruthers, Hippo Vaughn
To CHA - Matt Keough, Bobby Ojeda

To AA  - Wilbur Cooper
To CLA - Wes Ferrell

To AA  - General Crowder, Don Mossi
To DEA - Jim Abbott, Buster Brown

To AA  - Pete Donohue, Vic Raschi, Jesse Tannehill
To HMA - Larry Corcoran, Pud Galvin, Harry Howell

To AA  - Mike Garcia, Denny McLain, Kent Tekulve
To NYA - Tommy Bond, Jim Bouton, Harvey Haddix

To AA  - Silver King, Rudy May
To PHA - Diego Segui, Dave Stewart

To AA  - Tom Hughes, Jack McDowell, Old Hoss Radbourn
To BON - Roy Face, Greg Minton, Will White

To AA  - John Clarkson, Johnny Sain
To BRN - Dock Ellis, Carl Erskine

To AA  - Eppa Rixey, Jack Taylor
To CHN - Ray Sadecki, Gus Weyhing

To AA  - Johnny Allen, Randy Johnson, Andy Messersmith, Charlie Root*
To CIN - Elton Chamberlin, Al Downing, Al Hollingsworth, Bucky Walters

To AA  - Al Downing, Johnny Rigney
To KCN - Steve Farr, Jim Whitney

To AA  - Juan Marichal
To NYN - Hal Schumacher

To AA  - Catfish Hunter
To PIN - Joe Niekro

To AA  - Mark Fidrych, Jerry Koosman
To SLN - Jeff Russell, Adonis Terry

(Note: These re-assignments are also available at the 1999 Trade Listing page.)

* - Since Ed Walsh is too historically important in the context of the OOSL to enter the AA pool an arrangement was made with Executive Committee approval to keep him in the OOSL. Cincinnati surrenders five quality pitchers (the four listed to the AA pool above, plus Tim Keefe who went to NYN) and takes Ed Walsh along with four replacement players. For their part, the Giants lose Walsh for Keefe (a drop of more than 6 OB chances per side and more than 1 full XB chance per side). They additionally drop Juan Marichal into the AA for a replacement level player to ensure that this somewhat complicated transaction does not serve to be a circumvention of the process.

(Note: These re-assignments are also available at the 1999 Trade Listing page.)

We cannot stress enough that this pitching reorganization was a pre-emptive move, one that would neither result in the statistics of AA players being discounted due to an inferior level of play in that league nor in some complication or difficulty in merging the two leagues at some point in the future. The goal is to move into the future preparedly, not to find that a relatively minor move that could have been made now but wasn't does not upset the apple cart in a significant way down the road.

In the wake of this re-distribution of talent to the AA pool, the Executive Committee would like to make some binding resolutions in an effort to promote OOSL stability and serve as a show of confidence in the existing members and teams in the OOSL:

1) Until the OOSL and AA merge into one league at some future point (if that were ever to happen), no OOSL teams will be asked to donate talent to teams in the sister league.

2) A merging of the two leagues, understanding that it might never become a reality, cannot by rule occur any earlier than the 2002 season. In essence, we are guaranteeing three seasons of 16 team, status quo OOSL. Our projection is that the process would in fact take much longer, but we want to lock in a definite period of security.

3) At the point the two leagues merge (should they merge) there is the possibility that some re-distribution of talent will need to occur. If that should happen it will be done with plenty of advance warning and in a way that is friendly to and mindful of the established 16 OOSL teams. The expectation is, with these pitching moves, such a re-distribution would be unlikely or, at most, minor in nature.

We appreciate everyone's compliance with the recent pitcher distribution to the AA and hope that all of our OOSL members are pleased about the guarantee of stability our teams and rosters will enjoy over the next few seasons.

If anyone has any questions or comments, I am, as always, available.

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