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Dirk's 1998 OOSL New York Giants Narrative

 [ Polo Grounds as seen from the upper deck ]
The OOSL New York Giants 1998 Narrative

Honus Wagner:

 [  ] The Flying Dutchman returns as the captain of the team, a role which he has assumed from the creation of the franchise. The rough-and-tumble Wagner is both a supremely nice fellow and tough-as-nails. He has been a mid- and post-season All-Star in all four OOSL seasons. Filling either the #2, #5, or #6 hole capably, the big German also plays an outstanding shortstop, showing as much range and arm strength as anyone in the league. He might not put up the splashy stats that some of his teammates have, but if there is one true untradeable on the Giants, it is most certainly John Peter Wagner. He is the glue that holds the pieces together.

Oscar Charleston:

 [  ] Talent. Determination. Intensity. Winning. These are the traits of a winning ballplayer, and they are each had in abundance by Oscar Charleston. "The Hoosier Comet" is the most talented all-around player in the OOSL. His two Player of the Year awards and single Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year awards attest to this fact. What Wagner brings to the team in leadership and stability, Oscar brings to the team in talent and tangible results. Whether at the plate, on the basepaths, or in the field, he is wonderful. And Charleston isn't exactly a detriment in the clubhouse: tough, unrelenting, and a brilliant tactician besides, Charleston is an asset in every sense of the word.

Walter Johnson:

 [  ] Other pitchers have had better cosmetic statistics, but no other pitcher - on the Giants or otherwise - is more about winning. He has the most wins in World's Series history. He has won two World's Series Most Valuable Player awards. He has won an All-Star Series Most Valuable Player award. He holds the career and single season OOSL record for wins. Simply put, he is the best. A quiet, humble man, Johnson turns the spotlight off of himself and allows his teammates the attention: this is evidenced by his lone Pitcher of the Year award in spite of never winning less that 19 games in a single season.

Babe Ruth:

 [  ] The Sultan of Swat" began his second tour of duty with the Giants in 1999, and it is evident that it will be a long one. The greatest hitter in base ball history enjoyed a marvelously successful campaign the first time he performed in the Polo Grounds and promises to be the offensive leader once again. A marvel with children and brandishing a personality almost bigger than the sport itself, Ruth is setting his sights upon a World's Series crown, perhaps the only honor that has eluded him during his marvelous career.

Christy Mathewson:

 [  ] Sometimes called "The Christian Gentleman," Christy Mathewson is the man that children imagine themselves being someday - an image that parents are only too happy to endorse. However Matty is more than an image: he is a champion. The all-time OOSL leader in winning percentage and the holder of single season lowest ERA, Matty has captured two Pitcher of the Year awards. "Matty" is tough in a pinch and flat knows how to pitch. He is the number two starter on the most decorated group of pitchers in OOSL history.

Ed Walsh:

 [  ] Walsh has snuck up on the OOSL and become the most succesful and durable all-around pitcher in history. He holds the all-time single season records in saves and games finished, while having had tremendous years as a starter and holding the original OOSL record for single season lowest ERA (the first pitcher to go sub-2.00 in OOSL history). Whether closing out an All-Star Series or starting a World's Series game, Walsh is a force to be reckoned with, and a crucial member of the Giants squad.

Carl Hubbell:

 [  ] The Giants number three starter, Hubbell is more respected by baseball men than any hurler on the squad, outside of "The Big Train." "King Carl" is called on to pitch in all of the toughest parks, against all of the best hitting teams. This has perhaps hurt his statistics, but it is the supreme evidence of the respect he garners. "The Mealticket" has taken the club on his back before and will do so again as the Giants focus on the World's Series once more.

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