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 [ ] The Ohio Old-Time Strat-O-Matic League (OOSL) was founded in 1994 and originally had seven league members, all from the state of Ohio. They are (in alphabetical order): Travis Cooper, Adam Janis, Josh Kirshner, Dirk Knemeyer, Shannon Knemeyer, Mike Thomsen, and Dean Voyles. All seven remain proud league members today. The league originally consisted of 16 total teams, 9 controlled not by human beings, but rather by the Strat-O-Matic computer program. In 1995, three new owners entered the league, one of which, Dan Lee, still remains today. In 1996 the OOSL was proud to add Lon Whitehead from the state of Minnesota into the group. He represents the first "outside invader" into this previously "Ohio exclusive" group. In 1997 the league branched to the East Coast with the addition of the brothers Mortimer, Ed and John, from the great state of Connecticut. The OOSL resisted expanding its ownership in 1998 and operated with the same core group and basic rules as 1997. For 1999 the league has added Mike Mortimer, a third Connecticut brother, and enters a significantly different period in league history. The league has pared back to 16 teams with a significant portion of the talent pool leaving as well, to form a separate league, the OOSL American Association. The AA will have 16 teams and operate as a wintertime alternative to the traditional OOSL season. It will also be the "proving grounds" for future OOSL members and, when human interest in the league swells to a large enough degree, may one day merge with the OOSL to make the greatest All-Time league in computer baseball 32 big teams strong. We already have four eager Associate Managers with more applications being returned every day. In the meanwhile, the 1999 OOSL with 16 teams and 12 humans will provide greater competition and intrigue than any previous season.

What is the OOSL?

 [ ] The OOSL is a league which celebrates the rich and exciting history of America's grand old sport, base ball. The league uses the Strat-O-Matic computer game program as a vehicle, specifically the "CN" Career Historical Disks made available by the company. This allows our league access to every man ever to play a Major League baseball game in the history of the sport. In addition to this, we have added a representative group of Negro League stars to our talent pool. These cards, created by Dirk Knemeyer in the fall of 1994, allow some of the greatest ballplayers ever to step on a ball field to overcome the racial boundaries in place when they played, and now compete with their baseball peers on equal footing. This baseball league is about enjoying the legendary deeds of America's base ball heroes all over again, while also pitting the greats from one era against the greats of another, creating match-ups previously impossible thanks to the boundaries of time. Every OOSL game is a delightful journey through a mystical, fantastic world where the powers of the imagination team up with the technology of a computer to transport the participants into a unique and previously impossible time and place.

Old Time Batter, Catcher & Umpire

 [ ] To explore the world of the OOSL, both past and present, simply follow this link to The OOSL Central. There you will find all the OOSL links from the entire OOSL Net in one easy-to-navigate place.

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