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Trade News

 [ ] Trade offers, needs, wants are listed here if the individual General Managers so desire. This is an easy one-stop shopping spot to get that one more valuable addition to your team.

 [ ] The offers listed below are old offers from before the All-Star Break. They are left here for your reference. Some of the teams listed below will be disbanded in the coming re-alignment for 1999. The players of those teams will be available for trading in the Player Pool that will result from the disbandment of some Major League and most Minor League clubs. Updated info will be posted when we have some.

There are some big opportunities out there for the shrewd General Manager.

                 The CPU Teams are ready to deal!


Milwaukee is making Jim Fregosi available. At 2e30 with a .748 OPS and over
600 PA's, he could bolster the shortstop position for a few teams, good enough
to start over some of the guys in this league.

Saint Louis (AL) has Red Schoendienst available. He used to be a starting
shortstop for a World's Series team; today, he would make a fine, contact
hitting middle infielder for an interested club. They also have extra left
handed relief pitchers. These hurlers, good all-around pitchers, not just
specialty guys, can even be had in quantity if a team is interested. *Two*
of them have 15% OB vs. left or lower! These are great arms.

Toronto is shopping Thurman Munson. Good bat, good glove, good pedigree
catcher. They would like to upgrade their pitching rotation or perhaps
somewhere around the diamond in a deal. They do not need to receive a
catcher in return.

Pittsburgh has Harry Stovey available. One of the premier non-home run, power
hitting right handed outfielders, the Bucs would like to either move up
somewhere else around the diamond or get a more stable (600 guy) outfielder
to take Harry's spot.

For Reference:
Definition - An A/B pitcher can range from, on the high end, Walter Johnson (big
innings, great spilts, definite A guy) to Eddie Cicotte on the low end (middle
innings, low baserunners, high HR's, good card, solid B guy, one of the best 50
pitchers in the set). Point being, whether high end or low end, these guys are great.

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