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The OOSL All Star Break Statistics Index

It is interesting to take a long look at the statistics of the OOSL's players during the ALL-Star Break. Contemplation of the successes and failures of the first two-thirds of the seaon, and on the possibilities of what the final third of the season will bring, is part of the fascination of the OOSL endeavor. What will be, and what if? Ah, how much less magick would be in our lives if we never asked those questions?

The links below will bring you to sorted lists of batting and pitching statistics. Linger a while, and ponder the fate of all of these players during the all important Stretch Run that will begin once the All-Star Series has been concluded. You can also compare what the 100-Game Break was like last year to this year, and see what difference a year makes!

- Statistics Index -

1999 Statistics
1999 AL Batting Stats 1999 NL Batting Stats 1999 AL Pitching Stats 1999 NL Pitching Stats All 1999 Multi-League Stats

1998 Statistics
1998 AL Batting Stats 1998 NL Batting Stats 1998 AL Pitching Stats 1998 NL Pitching Stats All 1998 Multi-League Stats

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