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The 1999 OOSL Home Run Derby

". . . When picking the All-Star reserves the League Manager must also assign six All-Stars to represent the league in the Home Run Derby. . . ."

-The OOSL Constitution-

1999 OOSL Home Run Derby

 [  ] The twelve competitors chosen by the League Managers (Mike Thomson - AL, Chicago White Sox, and Dirk Knemeyer - NL, New York Giants) are listed below along with their prodigious efforts in this most hallowed of fun-time contests.

Here is a convenient Link to the 1998 Home Run Derby page so you can easily compare the years:

 [ All-Star At Bat ]
AL Home Run Derby Sluggers:

 [ Mule Suttles ]
Mule Suttles

1. Wally Berger, Boston...........8
2. Mule Suttles, New York.........2
3. Lou Gehrig, Boston.............6
4. Josh Gibson, Cleveland.........1
5. Rogers Hornsby, New York.......9
6. Ted Williams, Detroit..........2

 [ All-Star At Bat ]
NL Home Run Derby Sluggers:

 [ Jimmy Foxx ]
Jimmy Foxx

1. Gabby Hartnett, Cincinnati.....2
2. Jimmy Foxx, Cincinnati.........4
3. Turkey Stearnes, New York......4
4. Oscar Charleston, New York.....3
5. Johnny Mize, Chicago...........9
6. Babe Ruth, New York............7

 [ All-Star At Bat ]
Home Run Derby Playoff:

 [  ] The twelve Derby Sluggers battled it out until only two were left -- the AL's Rogers Hornsby and the NL's Johnny Mize. The NL used their home park advantage to squeak past the AL 29-28. But it wasn't over yet. Hornsby and Mize still had to go one on one for the Derby Crown. The results -- Rogers Hornsby 5, Johnny Mize 1. The Home Run Derby Champion for 1999 is Rogers Hornsby of the OOSL AL New York Yankees.

 [ Rogers Hornsby picking out his bat! ]
Rogers Hornsby
1999 Home Run Derby Champion

"Power is important to me. I need drive; I need torque. I learned a lot about torque from Sadaharu Oh."

-Steve Garvey-

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